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Nedeľa, 21. apríl 2019

Dnes má meniny Ervín
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Basic informations
"Oasis of relax in the valley of Slánske Hills."

Rekreačné zariadenie OPALEX SIGORDContacts:
Rekreačné zariadenie
Kokošovce 590
082 52 Kokošovce

Tel.: 051/ 748 12 74
Fax: 051/ 748 12 75
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Recreation facility Opalex is situated in the area of Sigord, in a picturesque environment of Slánske Hills. Opalex offers for its customers an accommodation in one-bed and two-bed rooms. For more demanding clients there is a possibility to rent an apartment with a double bed, lounge and luxurious bathroom. Accommodation is possible also in four roomed cottages with common sanitary facilities. Total bed capacity of the complex is 40 places. Clients can choose from many interesting meals listed in the menu and try the specialties of Slovak national cuisine. The capacity of restaurant is 120 places. You can also find there a smaller lounge with 30 places and a friendly wine bar of capability 60 places. The wooden architecture of the interior, which creates an agreeable atmosphere, is a frequent site of social events. There is a volleyball court, tennis court, padel court and a playground for petangue available for visitors in their leisure time. Apart from walks and cyclotouritics on those wonderful forest routes, guests can also enjoy summer bathing in a pond or spend a great time riding on the horse. Wintertime in this area is popular for its cross-country skiing routes, alight ice field available for skating or snowmobiles, which offer unforgettable experience.



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