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Obecný úrad Lenártov 37
086 06 Malcov

Tel.: 054/ 470 60 04
Fax: 054/ 488 41 88
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Region: Bardejov

Microregion: Horná Topľa

First written mention: 1427

Height above sea level: 477 m.n.m.

Numbers of inhabitants: 1017

Sufrace of cadaster: 1474 ha


Border village Lentárov is situated in the westernmost part of Lower Beskids in the valley of Večný potok creek, which flows into river Topoľ. The oldest written mention of the village originates in 1427. At the end of 19th century, there was a trade route from Poland to Galicia leading through the fields of the village. The oldest evidence of existence of clergy in Lernátov is a wooden pulpit, which is exposed in Šariš museum in Bardejov. We also know from oral tradition that the old wooden church stood on the place of today’s parsonage. Present-day church was consecrated in 1826. The church is built in pseudo-roman style as a rotunda with a small apse. The village has very good civil and technical facilities. Present Primary school was built in 1928. Lenártov keeps a kindergarten, too. The village has a shopping centre. The most popular sports in the village are football, table tennis and volleyball. There is an active Volunteer fire brigade in the village.


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