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Obecný úrad Kojatice 200
082 32  Svinia

Tel.: 051/ 749 95 20
Fax: 051/ 749 95 21
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Region: Prešov

Microregion: Ekotorysa

First written mention: 1248

Height above sea level: 340 m.n.m.

Numbers of inhabitants: 1027

Sufrace of cadaster: 1068 ha

Side: Šarišské Lužianky, Kojatická Dolina

Village Kojatice can be found in the area of a former Šarišská župa, in the northern part of Šarišská vrchovina uplands. It lies in Prešov district, in its western part. Cadastral measurement of the village is 1068 hectares. Its build up area is situated in the northern part of cadastral area. The build up area itself takes 82,2 hectares, which represents 7,7% of total land area of cadastre. The midpoint of the build up area (next to the church Kostol sv.Ondreja) is located in altitude 334 m. Nowadays the village has over 1000 inhabitants. It has two local parts: Šarišské Lužianky a Kojatická dolina. The first written mention of Kojatice dates back to 1248.
Archaeological excavations prove that this area was inhabited as early as Neolithic. In the same way, it is believed that the settlement already existed in 11th century. Sacral monument of the village is a classicistic Roman Catholic church built by Jesuits in 1784. In those times, Jesuits had residence in a local old school, which still exists and functions as a school until today. The church is consecrated to Saint Andrew (sv. Ondrej), patron of the village. It is situated on a wonderful place, in the middle of the village. The last reconstruction was carried out in 2004. Evangelic church in Kojatice built in 2001 is consecrated to the blessed Trinity. To believers from village Šarišské Lužianky serves the chapel of Saint Peter and Paul (sv.Petra a Pavla), which are the patrons of this part of village. It is situated in the middle of the village, in a mansion built in 1705. Consecration of the little church took place in 2004. The village has its own kindergarten and a Primary school with refectory. There are several shops available for all inhabitants. Football club in Kojatice has got three teams: pupils, juniors and professionals. Its history goes back to 1961. Volunteer fire brigade has also a long year traditions in the village. Many interesting cultural occasions take place during the year, which increases the quality of residents' life.



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